The property represents a 50,000 sqm land plot located outside the built-up area of Ovidiu, being zoned as agricultural site.


Parcel A 532, Ovidiu, Constanta County (DN2A)


  • Excerpt no. 60487 from Land Book no. 248 – September 12, 2007
  • Cadastral documentation

Plot size:

50,000 mp


Ovidiu city is located in the North of Constanta across Siutghiol Lake from Mamaia resort and it lies at approximately 3 kilometer from Carrefour.

The location on the shore of Siutghiol Lake increases the interest for the area, being under constant transformation and at the short distance to both Constanta and Mamaia.

The valued site is located at the entrance in Ovidiu, on the left side of DN2A when coming from Constanta. The area has increased in the last years, many villas being developed across the street from the property in the last years.


The plot is flat, vacant, has an irregular shape, being connected only to electricity. A new roundabout is built on the edge of the plot, given to site an excellent access to national road.