Bucharest Real Estate properties

Bucharest properties Bucharest is Romania’s capital city, as well as the most important cultural, financial and industrial centre of the country. Total plots size: 13,263 mp

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Ovidiu Real Estate properties

Ovidiu properties Ovidiu city is located in the North of Constanta across Siutghiol Lake from Mamaia resort. Total plots size: 290,696 mp

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Constanta Real Estate properties

Constanta properties Constanta County is situated in the south-eastern part of Romania, benefiting from opening to the Black Sea & Danube River. Total plots size: 78,355 mp

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RomReal is a Company focused on the Romanian real estate market. Established in 2005 it holds a premium property portfolio in Constanta and Bucharest. RomReal is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.





RomReal is committed to creating shareholder value. One important aspect is to provide accurate and timely information to its shareholders and numerous stakeholders. Please download below the latest investors reports.

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Mamaia is the largest and best known resort on Romanian Riviera. Located in the northern part of the seaside, Mamaia has a privileged position. The resort is attached to Constanta city and separates Lake Siutghiol of the Black Sea. The preferred destination of tourists during summer, Mamaia has been the subject of an ample process of modernization, gaining a beautiful western air. The palm trees, spectacular fountains, fashionable events and sensational shows, restaurants and luxurious clubs, quite terraces, promenade areas, Water Park, telegondola and entertainment centers, all these facilities make Mamaia a resort of fine taste, entertainment and relaxation.


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