The valued site consists of two plots, separated by the railway.


Outside the built-up area of Ovidiu, Constanta County, Romania (in the proximity of DN2A, Ovidiu – Constanta Ring Road and the railway in between)


  • Excerpt no. 60495 from Land Book no. 1154/06.09.200 7
  • Excerpt no. 71273 from Land Book no. 1151/12.10.200 7
  • Cadastral Documentation.

Plot size:

15,000 mp


Ovidiu city is located in the North of Constanta across Siutghiol Lake from Mamaia resort and it lies at approximately 3 kilometers from Carrefour.

The location on the shore of Siutghiol Lake increases the interest for the area, being under constant transformation and at the short distance to both Constanta and Mamaia.

The site comprises two distinct plots of land separated by the railway.

The first plot is located on DN 2A, on the left side of the road when entering Ovidiu. The second plot is located in the prolonging of the first one, after the Ring Road Constanta-Ovidiu, on the right side of the road towards Ovidiu.


The valued site consists of two plots, separated by the railway, with the following areas:

  • 7,900 sqm located on DN2A, identified with the cadastral no. 1154/1 (site 1);
  • 7,100 sqm located after Ovidiu – Constanta ringroad, identified with cadastral no. 1151/1 (site 2)

Both sites are vacant and flat, have rectangular shapes and are located near the railway. The sites are situated outside the built-up area of Ovidiu, being zoned for agricultural purposes.

The plots can be connected to all the necessary public utilities.