The property consists of a 60,183 square meters site, which was obtained from several adjacent sites with various surfaces: 27,480 sqm, 32,703 sqm.


The property consists in several adjacent plots land.


  • Land Book Excerpt no 15957 issued on September 24 , 2005
  • Land Book Excerpt no 56801 issued on January 3, 2 007
  • Land Book Excerpt no 56789 issued on January 3, 2 007
  • Land Book Excerpt no 60497 issued on September 11 , 2007
  • Land Book Excerpt no 60462 issued on September 7, 2007
  • - Land Book Excerpt no 60492 issued on September 7, 2007
  • Cadastral documentation
  • Approved planning regulation

Plot size:

59,779 sqm


The property is located between Siutghiol Lake and DN 2A, being situated on the right side of DN 2A (road connecting Constanta to Harsova and Mihail Kogalniceanu airport) at the entrance to Ovidiu from Constanta.

The plot is located in the North of Constanta across Siutghiol Lake from Mamaia resort and it lies at approximately 3 kilometers from Carrefour, Dedeman and Selgros.

The location on the shore of Siutghiol Lake increases the interest for the area, being under constant transformation and at the short distance to both Constanta and Mamaia.


The land is located inside the built-up area of Ovi diu city and is close to newest villas neighborhood.

The plot has an irregular shape, approximately flat with a descendent to the lake and is connected to electricity, water, sewage and gas.